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World Culture Fest Delhi3
World Culture Fest Delhi2
World Culture Fest Delhi1
Seva Vikas Bank Function (3)
Seva Vikas Bank Function (2)
Seva Vikas Bank Function (1)
Sakkal Vidya Educational Exhibition
Sakal VIDYA Exhibition3
Sakal VIDYA Exhibition
Sakal VIDYA Exhibition (2)
Sakal Tanishka Event
Rashtrawadi Melawa1
Rashtrawadi Melawa
Narendra Modi Sabh Pimpri
Narendra Modi Sabh Pimpri 2
Madhura lawns2
Madhura lawns1
Madhura lawns
Lions club

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LED Screens

LED Screens are extraordinarily handy, rugged, reliable, and environmentally friendly merchandise. They are available in a comprehensive range of in varied sizes, giving sizable budget savings. These boards also embrace options like, temperature display and clock and are manufactured from superior quality staple which will really enhance the sturdiness of products. They’ll be clearly seen from hundreds of meters even throughout the day time.

Superior quality in all of the product range is usually maintained by LEDwale, so as to successfully win the trust of their customers. Well-Defined quality policy of LEDwale ensures premium quality of all of our finished products and continuously strives to exceed client expectations in all aspects of business and repair and efficiently cope with the increasing wants of the market.

Benefits of LED Screens for your marketing campaigns

LED Screens either mounted on a stand, vehicle or wall are a great medium of indoor as well as outdoor media campaigns.


The LED Displays will do one thing that static displays may never do, i.e. Offer amusing and dynamic content that has relevancy to the audience, event, time of day and more. As an example, a restaurant will advertise its present specials on its entrance to draw in the eye of passersby. Or on the other hand, a shopping mall will make use of digital billboards for advertising and wayfinding. Therefore, people are more drawn towards LED displays solely because of the dynamic content and also because it’s terribly interactive.



The cost of outdoor LED Screens has considerably fallen from the last few years that inspire the clients to create use of it in a new and innovative manner. In addition, many businesses are enjoying the efficient impression of those screens when contrasted with the standard outdoor signage. Keep in mind the price of printing and re-printing the traditional kind of signage for an outside space. Most of the printed materials don’t last for long in the elements, which means that they need to be reprinted systematically. Also, this may cause a rise in expenses. As such, an LED Video Wall is the much easier and efficient option to come with.


Consumers are significantly being attentive to outdoor LED displays and bear in mind digital content instead of static print-based signage. There are several factors behind this, however, the first one is the undeniable fact that people are more interested in color, movement, and originality. As an example, in numerous metropolitan regions LED displays are located at every place wherever you look, marketing everything from real estate and grocery stores to political campaigns, restaurants, and pediatricians. These super-sized advertisements are seemed to considerably increase retention rates, at times more than 500%, implying that customers, who see an LED display rather than a conventional one, can more probably remember its content. An outsized range of customers is glad to pay for such a variety of result.



For years past, customers who required an outdoor display screen were compelled to manage the devices that were very meant for an inside LEDwalek. Fortunately, outdoor LED Screens have been effective since a long way. Today, we provide artistic new outdoor specific screens that are meant to resist wind, sunlight, moisture, and even low and high temperatures. In addition, LED Video Walls are specifically designed in such a way that they are easier to read even in the direct daylight, providing the consumer with the far better viewing experience

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