Promotion Cycle


Promotion cycles in all over India 

Promotion Cycles

We maintain pace with the development of communication channels with digital evolution. Our approach is omnichannel when it comes to branding and marketing. We believe that the omnichannel approach in marketing gives our clients an edge to provide their marketing messages and product information in an effective way.With the omnichannelpath, we provide your brand with a flexible way to reach to your target customers in both online and offline methods.Yes, we deal with online marketing too. Our tech-savvy content marketers boost your products and services in an effective and engaging way.With our omnichannel approach, your prospects will find an easy way to reach you and approach you like your customers.Our rigorously elaborated promoting strategy implies that every promotional channelworks along and complement each other. online and offline advertising should not duplicate content only but work consistently on drawing potential customers. Here are the most effective forms of such interaction that are employed by LEDwale.

Get the most out of your marketing campaign with our 3 Stage Promotion Cycle

Growth Stage

In a growth part, the snowballing impact happens, and product sales grow as more and more customers become alert to its advantages. Promotions are not nearly as common throughout this stage, because the market typically is aware of the product, and momentum has begun to build. However, a product that struggled at launch should still be promoted in early growth stages to supply a spark to sales


During the maturity stage, your competitors have typically entered the market, and the bulk of the customer market has become alert to the product. Sales growth has plateaued. The extent of advertisements in the maturity stage depends somewhat on the competition. In extremely competitive industries, we use promotions to keep up relationships with customers earlier of a brand-new version or replacement product launch in the near future. Just like the expansion stage, though, advertisements are not as necessary in this stage

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