Smart City

Smart City

Smart City VMS/DMS

VMS, or Variable Message Signs, are intelligent electronic show panels for road traffic management and different message coverage functions.

VMS from LEDWALE permits text and graphics variable messages together, leading to a more practical means of controlling traffic. Different benefits include increases in safety levels, an efficient means of conveying helpful data to drivers, lower stress levels, better selections, and mobility. 

Some examples are:

Smart City

Incident and accidents information

Weather and road conditions information

Hazard and traffic restrictions

Traffic and travel data

The modern style based on a standard approach permits displays to be designed to a range of various configurations, as well as dimensions, resolutions, sizes, display colours and text,and graphics combos. 

Our intelligent VMS comes in the kind of a self-diagnosis tool, web server, TCP/IP and SNMP integrated protocol, many remote and native interfaces for management and maintenance and configuration, message store capability, standalone or network configuration and management, digital and analogue input/output, direct interactivity with different road instrumentation, easy to adapt to new protocols, integrations and algorithms.

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